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A few months ago, a famous Indian celebrity passed away. The whole nation, or may I say the whole world, was in a state of dismay. Well, just like many, I too found myself in a situation where I couldn’t come to terms with this loss. Not that it was a personal loss, but I felt connected. Just as all was coming to normalcy, the death and its cause caught momentum. For the months that followed, each time I would turn on a news channel, all I got to watch was this tragic death mystery. It slowly became vicious, so much so that unknowingly it sucked me into itself. I became opinionated and the narrative sucked me in; to the extent that it made me create a negative image about a certain section of the society. It was unlike me as I am not a person who’s closed or negative. I decided to take control of my mind and invest my time in meaningful discussions.

Have you ever found yourself being trapped into stories that are fed into your mind, stories that create you?

It’s very easy for the world around you to trigger your thought process. How and what you think, will in the long term define you. Choose your thoughts and stories wisely; change the narrative.

There is a lot of junk that is being fed into our minds; through media, in casual discussions with people around us, at workplaces, through entertainment, and through traditional storytelling across generations.

Why do I call it JUNK? Because it feeds us with stuff that is not nutritious. It doesn’t do any good but makes our mind malnourished, where we get fixated with that process. It makes us closed to good changes that become a distant possibility which we refuse to accept.

But the good part is that you have that ability to change the mindset and a small shift can bring about a huge change in your story, your narrative. The power is all within you. Break the habit of feeding your mind with junk and go on a positive diet.

Well, it’s not too hard folks.

When Uma’s husband passed away, she was in the prime of her youth, just 59. Her pride, her only son, took over and treated her no less than a maid. She would take care of her grandkids, while he and his wife enjoyed their life. Uma wasn’t happy but she had no place to go. All her life she’d been a homemaker.  People around her made her accept this as her destiny and made her believe that this was how the society is; she needed to listen to her son, if she wanted a house. She was 61 by then and had no confidence.

“I’m too old.”

“You’re not young anymore.”

“This is not the age to do anything.”

“You’re not supposed to do this.”

“I’m not made for this.”

“I cannot do this.”

Have you ever heard this from people around you? Have you accepted this and closed your mind to change? Have you made these stories your own? Well, if you have, you just stopped yourself to explore the other side of the world. You might have just stopped yourself to explore how beautiful the world could be and what all possibilities were there for you.

Why have you put yourself in barriers? Nobody can prevent you from succeeding, but YOU. The stories that you have been constantly fed with, need to stop playing in that head. You need to press the STOP button. You need to change the story. You need to change the narrative.

Your boundaries are created by you and they will handcuff you if you allow them to. It’s all within you. You can do whatever you desire; at any age, and irrespective of all barriers of self-doubt and confidence.

Uma released herself from these handcuffs. Not knowing where her life would lead her, she walked out what was once her home. She started her tiffin service, with just 3 clients. Soon her scrumptious food was the talk of the town. Her tiffin service became a registered company and today Uma’s Kitchen is one of the most loved restaurants in Rampur. She is a successful entrepreneur at 65.

Uma simply chose to change the narrative and write her own story. A story that defied all the JUNK that was fed to her. She broke her barriers to build what was hers. She chose to be happy.

Happiness is something that you have to find. It might take you some time to find the truth, but happiness won’t come to you in materialistic things. You will realize that happiness comes when you free yourself from expectations, when you change your thoughts, when you move towards positivity, when you are able to bring a smile on someone’s face, when you’re able to bring a smile on YOUR face. Feed your mind with positive thoughts and it will make it happen all you desire for.

Finding it difficult? Let me help you get started. Let me help you rewrite your story.

1.       Your Thoughts Are Crucial

The words that you speak to yourself are crucial to take you forward. Feed your mind with positive ones and trust me, they will do the rest. Your mind is very powerful. It believes what you talk to it. Talk positive!

2.       Be Grateful

Life is not always greener on the other side. Everyone’s fighting their own battle. How you choose to fight yours will define you. The moment you count your blessings and be grateful for what you have, you will easily gather the strength. It’s simple. Be grateful!

3.       Respect Yourself

Don’t underestimate the power that lies within you. Positive self-esteem, the feeling of liking and respecting yourself has a lot to do with your success and happiness. Think highly of yourself and stop doubting your worth.

4.       Dare to Dream

You are important, and so are your dreams. Develop new habits, change your mindset, speak out, push yourself and see your story change.

You might reach greater heights and a position in life, but what will give you pure contentment and happiness is the new you that you will become in the process. Changing a narrative will not just transform your story but will transform you.

The process will help you to meet the new you: THE POWERFUL YOU.

If you’re ready to get started, let me accompany you in your journey. I’m Nidhi, your Self-Empowerment Coach and Companion. Rewrite your story with me.

Overcome your barriers to meet The Powerful You.

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