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A Journey from Staying Lost to Getting Found

So, you’ve lived a considerable part of your life to reach in or around your 40s. And as you reached to this amazing juncture, you feel lost.

You’re at the crossroads where you are torn between what you have and what you want. All your life you have given so much to others, that in the process you lost yourself. The clarity of thoughts, taking decisions, knowing your strengths and your passion, knowing your purpose and who you are; these questions haunt you.

Nidhi’s especially Curated Program for the Youngsters in their 40s is the answer to this search. 

The I EXIST Program is a Journey from Staying Lost to Getting Found. This 5-weeks Personally Guided Program is a must for anyone who is at the unsettling juncture of midlife. Nidhi personally takes you through on this journey of Self-Discovery.


IY Coaching Program

If you have been looking for a life full of happiness and joy, but feel stuck in a loop, then this is the program to help unleash your true potential. The INCREDIBLE YOU Program is exactly what you have been looking for. The program is time tested and comes with the credibility of the incredible Arfeen Khan, the creator of this wonderful coaching program.

The IY Program focuses on an inner core change, and that is the only way to a happier life. The program is a guided 10- week process and a start to an incredible journey that will help you find your own unique essence.


Customized Programs

Skill-Building is a necessity in today’s times. One can climb the ladder of success with ease, if empowered with various skills. The needs of each individual or organization are not similar, and thus the programs that Nidhi offers do not follow a fixed route too.

Nidhi’s strength is the value addition that she provides with customized programs, according to the requirements of her clients. The Programs are designed under various skill-sets.

  • Communication Skills
  • Spoken English
  • Business English
  • Soft Skills
  • Email Etiquette
  • Writing Skills

Young Writers Workshop

All parents want their child to be a good writer. With the vast curriculum and syllabus net that the schools deal with in today’s times, a lot of skill-building is ignored. Writing is a life skill that doesn’t come automatically. Yes, reading books does help. In addition to that it is important to teach children strategies that can help evolve their writing. Through this structured 10-sessions Workshop, children are taken on a journey of self-awareness. They understand simple techniques to write better, through fun and interactive sessions. They learn to look back and review their own work. The most beautiful part is when the children notice how their writing evolves from their first draft to the final outcome. The children are empowered with lifelong skills that help them become better writers for life. 


School & Teacher Training Programs

The way food nourishes our body, learning nourishes our mind. The sessions are specifically designed for the new and upcoming educators, to prepare them to face the various challenges, with some effective techniques to check for instructions and information.

  • Writer’s Workshop for Teachers: Implementation of simple strategies in a classroom set-up
  • Importance of Information & Instruction Checking for Teachers
  • Importance of Story Telling & Context Building for Teachers
  • Developing Questioning Skills in Children
  • How to develop Spoken English Skills with Fun Activities
  • Confidence Building Workshops 

Personal Coaching / Training Session

Connect for individual and personal coaching & training sessions. 

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