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Hi, I’m Nidhi, proud mother of a young man, creator of my own life, an omnivert, a lifelong seeker, a Textile Professional turned Communication Skills Trainer, turned Midlife Clarity Coach turned an Author.

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Nidhi has been a supportive, well-prepared, structured, flexible, diligent and most importantly, a compassionate coach. She has been genuinely and passionately invested in my progress throughout the program. She has spent a significant amount of effort and time to understand my unique personality, and has crafted a motivational experience, which led me to understand myself better through this journey of self-discovery.

Nidhi has provided me with support during a time when I needed it the most, and has extended well beyond her professional commitments. She has been approachable and has gone the extra mile to tailor the sessions and adjusting effortlessly, providing emotional support, encouragement and motivation at all times. Nidhi has demonstrated an uncanny ability to understand my emotional state, though I am not an expressive person. She effortlessly uses examples from her own life journey, which makes the sessions both personal and inspirational.

Her positivity and enthusiasm have uplifted me, even in the most difficult of times. I have come a long way during the duration of this program, both emotionally, and from a practical aspect.

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