Are You Right or Is It Me?


You like tea & I like coffee….

You love romcoms & I love thrillers….

You love to talk & I like silence…

You love black & I love colours…

You’re a fitness freak & I’m a couch potato…

You enjoy talking about politics & I enjoy technology….

You want me to believe in you & I want to believe in myself….

We fight, we argue, we love, we hate, we laugh, we discuss, we disagree…..and we agree…and we learn to live in harmony….

Are you wrong or is it me?

How did we manage the Harmony?

Just a bit of acceptance…Just a bit of agreement…

That we’re made of DIFFERENT Tiles!!

Neither are you wrong, nor am I…

And your left became my right….And my black became your white…💞

ACCEPT THE DIFFERENCES in people & perspectives & see the miracle of happiness unfold!!

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