your essence

Nidhi explains complex things with simplicity. She touches your heart and you nod to yourself saying, it is so true and so simple. Why didn’t I think of it earlier or this way and there ….. She has simplified your life your mindset.

Karoona Neelkanth

your essence

Your perspective on life, and your eagerness to learn and share with others, while keeping an open and eager mind, will get you very far in life Nidhi. You’re a visionary to many, and I know you will succeed. Best wishes!

Yusuf Patel

the skill curators

Nidhi, you have set a bar high for his others to follow. Your ideas and concept inspire the students to write better and improve on their stories.

Ravi Rockey Ambrose

the skill curators

The workshop inculcates some quite interesting techniques that helps develop t writing skills. Nidhi Saini is a great facilitator/mentor and brings lots of energy in every session of the workshop. I did observe that there is a lot of preparation that she does for each session. Every technique taught is reinforced, applied practically and feedback is shared. I found the workshop to have a positive impact on their writing. The kids loved the sessions and it was never a boring formal session. Best part is when the teacher shares the first draft written by the kid in first session, and then the final version by the end of the session. One could see the difference for themselves. A definite recommend for the young kids!

Ankit Gangal

the skill curators

The workshop is amazing & helps in inculcating writing skills through Introduction of great techniques. It’s a step by step building up of proficiency in writing. I would even recommend it even for those who are shy & reserved as this platform can certainly help them to become more confident. Kudos to Nidhi for coming up with a brilliant workshop. She is a wonderful trainer. Thanks Nidhi for being so patient.

Garima Juneja

the skill curators

Dearest Nidhi, Thank you so much for the amazing workshop which was so interactive, thought provoking and interesting. The sessions were wonderfully planned and the essence of story writing was delivered in the most fulfilling and complete way. Dharsh enjoyed the sessions to the most and learnt a lot from it. His story writing skills have improved multifold. I hope you will come up with More workshops with lot more of enriching sessions. ☺️☺️ Once again thanks a lot!!! Wishing you all the best!!!

Srividya Karthik

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