About me

nidhi saini

My life has been a testimony of the above quote and something that has been constant in my life, is CHANGE.

I spent 21 years of my life working with people across various genres and skill-sets. I found my true purpose of life as a Mindset Transformation Coach and a Communication Skills Trainer-Facilitator.

My major strength is being able to connect with people of all age groups. The values and learnings that I hold dearly to my heart, come from my various life experiences. Thus, my approach is not theoretical, but experiential.

I’m a fearless woman who never lost her essence even in the toughest of times. I strongly feel each one of us has our unique essence within us. And that’s why I’m here to accompany you in the journey to find your unique essence.

I’M NO MAGICIAN!! As a certified Coach & a Skill-Building Professional, I work as a mentor with my clients, accompanying them on a journey of self-growth and self-awareness, where they can identify their true potential. The idea is to create a long-term sustainable change to the lives of the individuals who collaborate and join me in this journey, through the various programs I offer.

My life has not turned out to be how I'd planned.
Even then I'm the CREATOR of my life, cos I accepted what God gave me and made it my own.

Nidhi Saini
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